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River's Edge Art Gallery is a non-profit art exhibition and teaching space in Cloverport KY. We are currently the only facility of this type in the county! Our goal is to promote and advance arts for not just the county but regionally as well. We offer art exhibitions that showcase local art by professionals and up and coming artists alike. We also host classes throughout the year to students of all age groups. We have many artists and volunteers to host classes, and offer classes that cover a wide variety of art forms. 


If you are an artist, educator, or just interested supporting our efforts and would like more information on this community project message us on Facebook or give one of our organizers a call!

Find us on Facebook

Leslie: 270-617-5809 or Lauren: 502-389-1533

If you are interested in donating
your time, money, or art supplies please reach out. 
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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